Frequently Asked Questions

I want a swimming pool constructed in my home in Dubai, where do i start ?

You've already reached the right place. We manage all aspects of your pool construction from getting approvals from concerned government bodies to filling it up for the first time. Our extensive experience means you can relax while we ready your pool.

I am scared my new pool will leak like my old concrete pool, are pools leak proof?

Our double layered highly insulated, high pressure manufacturing process with multiple layers of high quality fiber glass means that our swimming pools have many extra layers of water proofing and protections against wear and tear even after years of use they have proved to be far less likely to develop cracks or any kind of leaks (see our technology page to understand our fiberglass swimming pool manufacturing process).

My villa is small and the lawn area wont fit any of the fibreglass pool designs. Can you do something about it?

Yes, apart from our fiberglass design collection we design and fabricate custom fiberglass pools. Please contact us and one of our consultants will be more than happy to visit you and advise a custom design.

How about the maintainence of Fibreglass Swimming Pools? Do i need extra care?

No, infact fibreglass swimming pools require less maintainence and care. They are all weather proof and do not develop cracks or leaks.